LeWeb: Startup Competition Finalists

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Liveblogging: this post will be updated through the course of the session, and will be prone to error, omission and misunderstanding. You are warned… 😉


**1. **Paper.li

I suspect most people reading this are familiar with this service. It turns links from your Twitter and Facebook accounts into a newspaper, using semantic analysis of the contents. Forthcoming: more services you can aggregate from, premium services, and access to it by people like ad networks.

(Just noticed, FWIW, that they’re the number two referrer to my blog this afternoon, from this page)


2. Super Marmite

A social tool to allow you to sell your home cooking – or to buy a meal from a neighbour rather than a take-away. Seller pays a proportion of the price.

It’s insane, but it might just work…


**3. **Waze

A trun-by-turn car navigation app, that aggregates route and traffic information from users – and uses game mechanics to encourage users to have the app on even on routes they know well. They get extra points for using routes they don’t have recent information on, for example.

The Winners

The changed all the rules, and reshaped the awards in this form: (it involved stickers)

**1st Prize – Virality: **Paper.li

1st Prize – Technology: Waze

1st Prize – Originality: Super-Marmite


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