The falls of the houses of Phillips and Hari
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The falls of the houses of Phillips and Hari

I suspect many of us labouring in the less glamorous trenches of journalism will be feeling a little *schadenfreude *at the moment. First came the sudden departure of Melanie Phillips from The Spectator, as explained by Prof Greenslade. And now, Johann Hari of the Indy has been caught out cribbing chunks of other interviews and rewriting them into the narrative of his interviews…

I’ve never been fond of the pundit/journalists of the right and left whose loyalty is more closely attached to their political causes than those little inconveniences called “facts”. If these events start dragging the British press back from that particular direction, I’d be rather cheered. 
Mind you, as [Joseph Stashko]( has discovered, Hitler’s rather perturbed by the whole affair…
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