Journalism Myopia on display
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Journalism Myopia on display

A guest poster on Fleet Street Blues:

What perhaps we need is for all the warring media factions to lay down their arms. Instead of The Times vainly pursuing online subscribers while its competitors watch it haemorrhage the kind of money only the Murdochs of this world have, why don’t the media bosses agree to simultaneously put up paywalls or micropayment systems? Picture the scene: 1 January 2012 and the country wakes up in a collective hangover, makes its way online to find pictures of Boris Johnson drunkenly swimming in the Trafalgar Square fountains from the night before. Sixty million muggy-headed readers scrabble for their credit cards and a new media landscape emerges.

  1. Look up the word “cartel”
  2. Believe it or not, the traditional media aren’t the only people publishing on the web

Why do so many journalists find it hard to see the world beyond the traditional media?


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