How Wikipedia dealt with Johann Hari
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How Wikipedia dealt with Johann Hari

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Comprehensive account by Tom Morris of how [Wikipedia volunteers deal with people who abuse the site](, including Mr Hari:
> David r was *banned *in July. Banning is a social measure where the community decides that the person’s invitation to edit the site has been rescinded. You can read David r/Hari’s ban discussion: there were fifteen users who supported a ban (myself included), and three who opposed the ban. David r is banned indefinitely from editing anything on Wikipedia. As we now have confirmation that David r is Johann Hari, Johann Hari is indefinitely banned from Wikipedia. This means that if he pops up with a new account and someone can confirm that the account is a “sockpuppet” used by Hari, that account will be blocked indefinitely on sight. > Who does all this? Volunteers.

Interesting contrast to The Independent‘s decision.

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