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Like Minds Liveblogging Day 1 linkage

Here’s what I liveblogged yesterday:
- [The New Nature of the World](http://wearelikeminds.com/articles/new-nature-of-the-world) – a series of talk about how we can cope and adapt to the changes technology brings. - [Is Every Company a Media Company?](http://wearelikeminds.com/articles/liveblog-are-all-companies-publishing-companies-now) – a vigorous discussion on the new role of media, and exactly who counts - [A Mindset of Empowerment](http://wearelikeminds.com/articles/liveblogging-a-mindset-of-empowerment) – three talks on how changing attitudes can change things in the real world
And there’s a whole bunch of [Like Minds photos on Flickr](http://www.flickr.com/photos/adders/sets/72157627933334220/).
More liveblogging about to begin, and probably some more analytical posts a bit later on.