Saturday Night's fine for content

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Watching an advert on my Mac

So, Saturday night. Like the party animal I am, I’m sat around the house perusing the interwebs. I know how to live.

But while I was happily browsing away, I happened across a video on the site of a Like Minds acquaintance, and started watching. Then switched to HiDef, made it full screen and sat back with my feet up to watch it properly. And, at the end, I realised that I’d just spent over ten minutes watching an advert – and an advert for products I’d never buy directly.

It’s an advert for glass – the sort of glass you buy and integrate into digital devices if you’re a manufacturer. But some of the visions of the future are so compelling in the ad, it makes it an entertaining watch. Sure, there are things to quibble about. Certainly the sexual politics of this vision are a little 1950s for a mid-21st century set of predictions. There are a few clumsy moments.

But it’s still a piece of advertising content that grabbed 10 minutes of my time, and made me think. That’s pretty impressive.

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