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The FT fills Tumblr with 125 years of hot air

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

An e-mail arrived from the FT yesterday, telling me all about their 125th anniversary, and with some lovely photos to run – all of which I had no intention of doing until:

  1. My journalism MA students seemed to think the whole think was quite cool, making me reconsider
  2. I spotted via journalism.co.uk that they’ve launched an 125 anniversary Tumblr, exploiting their achive content

The Tumblr was actually mentioned in the press release, but it’s right at the end, and for someone of my interests and obsessions, that was a real example of burying the lede. Every cut of metrics data I’ve done on websites shows that a very significant chunck of traffic goes to the often neglected archives of the site, especially on titles with the depth of history the FT has.

Tumblr is just such a great way of sharing that out with the world – and drawing attention and interest to the parent title through doing so – that I’m delighted to see the FT doing this. I’m following them, and I suspect you’ll see more than a little reblogging of it from me

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