The Marvel comic that sells more digitally than in print
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The Marvel comic that sells more digitally than in print

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Here’s something else from outside the mainstream of publishing you might find interesting:

Ms Marvel recently went to its sixth printing, a rare accomplishment in comics today.

But chatting with Marvel executives at San Diego Comic Con I discovered more. That it sells more in digital than print, and that includes the first issue.

That’s a new Marvel comic selling more through their app than it is in print. What’s even more interesting is that the new Ms Marvel is a brand new superhero – something that’s been very hard to launch successfully in recent decades – and one whose real identity is a young Muslim American teenage girl.

It’s also a bloody good, entertaining read. (The curious who like themselves a bit of print can pre-order the first Ms. Marvel collection from Amazon.)

So, here’s a traditional media company, shifting to digital – and by all indications, gaining a whole new audience with it. (Comics are growing in popularity amongst the young again – and females for the first time in a very long time – rather than being the preserve of ageing male fans…)

More like this, please.


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