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If you read the first couple of links, you'll understand why I call this series of posts what I do.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Rethinking your newsroom

This is targeted towards TV newsrooms, but the underlying thesis applies to all newsrooms. The mildly clickbaity title is misleading. This is an exploration of shifting your whole newsroom's mindset around multi-channel journalism, and is certainly a thought-provoking read.

5 Culture-Killing Newsrooms Phrases | Cronkite News Lab
Here are 5 culture-killing phrases news leaders and storytellers should stop saying in the newsroom, or at least actively challenge.

Engagement is a way of working, not a job

Nice piece capturing the idea that engagement should be threaded through journalism, not just pasted on top. The key quote is this one:

“Journalism is a product. Engagement is a process.”
Engagement Isn’t a Project, It’s a Way of Making News
It isn’t audiences that need to be more engaged, it’s newsrooms.

Twitter is not the real world

This is one of the more interesting attempts I've come across in terms of capturing the disconnect between the way journalists perceive Twitter, and its actual influence. However, it's too deeply emeshed in the journalism/politics view of the world to be truly successful. Plus, it triggered a great rant from Jeff Jarvis, which is always entertaining, and something we don't get enough of these days.

The Twitter Electorate Isn’t the Real Electorate
Social media is distorting our sense of mainstream opinion.

Don't be a Mook. Don't be a Knight either

This, however, absolutely sums up what is wrong with politics Twitter right now — and so much of the political discourse of the internet.

The Internet of Beefs
You’ve heard me talk about crash-only programming, right? It’s a programming paradigm for critical infrastructure systems, where there is — by design — no graceful way to shut dow…

Better newsletters

This is a super-useful set of thoughts from the always insightful Craig Mod.

On Being a Good Newsletterer
Notes and tips on how not to be a newsletter ding-dong

Off Topic

Here's some very different writing from me. I'd love to know what you think:

Hagstones: the sea’s beautiful gift
The mysteriously perfect holes you find on some Sussex beaches have been a source of mystical inspiration for years.
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