Help me. I'm coveting Microsoft technology

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Microsoft Band Lifestyle M2

Wow. It’s not often I covet a Microsoft piece of hardware – but the Microsoft Band looks like a really nice bit of kit. It’s basically a souped up fitness tracker, that’s halfway to being a smartwatch – and it works with the iPhone (and Android and Windows Phone). The design is pretty neat, too:

Microsoft Band Hero 2

I’m a real convert to fitness trackers. My Jawbone UP24 has helped me get my trouser size down to under a 38 for the first time since my mid-30s, and is helping me get more sleep too. This looks like a real step up from that – for not much more money. I’ve written more about Microsoft Band on the NEXT Berlin blog – but if that thing hits the UK shelves in the near future – and the reviews aren’t terrible – I’ll be sorely tempted.

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