IFTTT: the natural successor to Yahoo Pipes
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IFTTT: the natural successor to Yahoo Pipes

Do ifttt

Paul Bradshaw reminds us that IFTTT is the natural inheritor of Yahoo Pipes’s mantle:

The proposition was a clear one: if you’re having to anything more than once, get IFTTT to do it for you. Cross-posting from WordPress to Facebook? Automate it. Saving all the tweets using a particular hashtag? Automate it.

And that chimes nicely with one key message from yesterday’s Digital Editors Network:

Yup. If you repeat a task three times, it's time to automate. #formatDEN

— Martin Stabe (@martinstabe) June 9, 2015

But it’s also worth remembering that, just like Pipes, IFTTT is a free service which is a potential single point of failure in your future workflows…


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