Zetland's audio stories are outperforming its written ones

Copenhagen-based digital startup Zetland is getting more traction with the audio versions of its stories than the text versions.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

This is fascinating. Zetland, the member-funded journalism site based in Copenhagen, has been providing its articles as "podcasts" (they're actually delivered via an app), based on reader demand:

The response has been so overwhelming that since the fall, 60 percent of Zetland members have been listening to their journalism compared to 40 percent reading. Zetland has 10,000 members — up from 8,500 last year — with a price tag of 99 kroner (US $12.30) per month or 999 kroner (US $124.08) per year.

(Long term readers may remember that I wrote about Zetland last year.)

It's a good illustration of how, once we let go of our obsession with the written word, we can actually start taking advantage of the diverse media the internet offers. Podcasts are, in particular, a fantastic medium for these attention-poor times, because they're a secondary activity; you listen to them while doing something else.

This would be an easy experiment to learn from. And imitate.

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