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Twitter seems to have accidentally unfollowed its trust & safety advisors

Twitter seems to have accidentally unfollowed its trust & safety advisors

Twitter really doesn't seem to be carrying through on its commitments.

Did you know that Twitter has a trust and safety council, and has done since February 2016? Well, it appears (according to a WIRED report) that Twitter has forgotten, too:

For the last eight months, though, Twitter has largely checked out, according to some council members. In a year that has seen the company embark on a major redesign, Holmes said Twitter hasn’t solicited much advice from the very experts it asked for help. Nor was the Trust and Safety Council consulted when the company rethought a much-hyped policy on dehumanizing speech—ultimately limiting the rule just to religious groups, when the original scope had been much wider. The council has only had one scheduled call with Twitter all year, which took place recently and had no senior employees participating. “We were disappointed,” Holmes added.

Does anyone else feel that Twitter's management is all tactics and no strategy? That's exactly what the WIRED report looks like: a tactical decision to create PR buzz in a difficult time is slowly being forgotten because it's not taken seriously enough internally.

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