Engaged Reading Digest: who won the attention election?

A quick round-up of useful digital publishing reading from around the web, including the Beeb on the Dark Web, and journalism LIVE.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Happy Wednesday, good people. I have a busy day of meetings and lecturing in London, so here's a quick dose of interesting things that have crossed my radar in the past day.

Social won the election attention war

Chartbeat have been crunching the numbers after the UK general election and, contrary to the usual trends, social media won:

[…] social attention rose sharply to more than 25 million daily engaged minutes during the election — nearly double the Engaged Time coming from search.

When they've done the research in the past, search has won the attention battle during the campaign, before social takes over in the aftermath. This is a notable shift in the other direction, and bears watching.

Comparing search and social media data around the U.K. election: Our analysis - Chartbeat Blog
We researched search and social media data around the UK election to understand audience interactions during major events. Read more about how this can give content creators an opportunity to optimize for future events.

The BBC heads to the Dark Web

I wrote a piece for the site members yesterday about the need to properly understand the technolgies we're using to make the most of the opportunity digital offers publisher. This is a wonderful example of that:

BBC News launches ‘dark web’ Tor mirror
In a bid to thwart censorship attempts, the BBC News website is now available via Tor.

The BBC is using tech to circumvent digital censorship in oppresive regimes. Excellent work.

Yet more TikTok guidance

This is a handy guide to the ways publishers could use TikTok.

The News Publisher’s Guide to TikTok
Each week at Twipe, we do a deep dive into different topics on the future of news. Subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a story, or join the conversation here on LinkedIn by subscribing to this series.

And so is this:

The News Publisher’s Guide to TikTok - Twipe
While TikTok was first launched internationally in 2017, for many news publishers this is still an unexplored platform. Of the handful of traditional print publishers on TikTok, most are still in an experimental phase, trying to understand what content works best. We have dug into this question and …

But that's because it's the same article, published natively on LinkedIn and on the web. I suppose that's something you can do when your content is there to support a sell of something else, rather than something you are selling directly. But an interesting example of treating content as something that you can repurpose through different platforms.

(I'm still planning on writing something about TikTok, but pieces like this have reduced the urgency.)

Fighting misinformation with webinars

Another useful resource in the fight against the misinformation pandemic:

Webinar series provides tips for journalists fighting misinformation
Efforts to combat misinformation today require more resources than ever — at a time when news organizations are already stretched thin. While fact-checking efforts have increased in number and become more sophisticated in recent years, journalists still struggle to keep up with the rampant spread of…

Journalism! Live! On stage!

This looks like fun:

Scrollfest is an evening of live journalism which will be held on 13 March 2020 in central London.

Tickets are available now.

Tips? Suggestions? Feedback? Drop me a line.

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