Social & Digital lunchbreak: avoiding news, spreading correction - and keeping the 'gram fresh

Three stories and two newsletters worth a little of your precious attention today.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

More detail on the pandemic news avoiders

These people are a market - they're looking for distraction, hope and things they're passionate about. What's your strategy for reaching them?

Coronavirus: a growing number of people are avoiding news
More and more people in the UK have been going out of their way to avoid news over the past couple of years: first with Brexit, now with COVID-19.

Correction spreading

This is a fascinating experiment in helping corrections spread as far as the orginal error:

There was an error in this post. Did you find it?
(UPDATE: This post originally contained an error. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, not The Kansas City Star, published the errant column I referred to below. If you spotted it and let me know, congrat…

Agile Instagram

A really good example of using agile experimentation to grow your social media presence.

‘Keep an open mind and take some risks’: How National Geographic is adapting its Instagram feed - Digiday
“Things that are viral are often things that have a certain ingenuity and have not been done before,” said Josh Raab, National Geographic’s director of Instagram.

A couple of newsletters about to launch

Nick Petrie, of The Times, and for readers with loooong memories, Wannabe Hacks, is launching a new newsletter about newroom evolution, and the new roles that emerge.

Worth a subscribe:

Let’s talk about how the roles in newsrooms are evolving -
I’m starting a newsletter focused on exploring all the new roles that have appeared in newsrooms as they evolved over the past decade or more.

Meanwhile, Matt Navarra is launching a newsletter compiling the latest news about the social media platforms. Likely to go paid fairly quickly, but worth a look if regular updates on the technical and feature aspects of the platforms matter to you and your work:

Geekout Newsletter - Revue
🆕 Coming Soon! The ultimate social media newsletter for geeks... 😩 Keeping up with all the latest social media news, trends, tricks, tips, tools, and industry updates every week is difficult and time consuming. It’s almost a part-time job just jumping around the web, your social feeds and other …
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