A little respect (just a local bit)

Another week, another economic crisis. But in other news, local politicians are getting more overtly disdainful of journalists, and big news sites are taking a serious SEO hit. Let's dive in…

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Don't diss local journos

There's a worrying tone developing in local politics in the UK. Back in the summer, Bristol Council started banning local democracy reporters from its meetings. And now we have this:

Councillors rebuked for insulting messages about hyperlocal news website editor
A councillor has been told to apologise and another is facing formal censure after calling a journalist ‘pea-brained’ and ‘grubby.’

This growing feeling that politicians can openly disdain and dismiss those whose job it is to hold them to account is not a great sign for British democracy.

Something to keep an eye on…

Will iOS16 make your iPhone a better journalistic tool?

Marc's now annual review of the journalism-relevant features in the new iPhone operating system is well worth your time. One to brew yourself a tea and kick back with.

#53 What’s new and useful in iOS 16? (by Marc Blank-Settle)
Preface Last year, I hosted for the first time an article on this blog that wasn’t written by myself but by BBC Academy mobile journalism (“MoJo”) trainer Marc Blank-Settle whom I…
Today's recommended phrase to block on Twitter: MSM

Have you ever seen it used positively? Exactly.

A rough September for SEO

Here's a good round-up of news SEO developments from Barry Adams. The visibility hits taken by news publishers is one to watch, in particular. It looks consequential, and it's something I'm hoping to come back to later in the week:

The Latest Developments in News SEO
Instead of the usual single-topic exploration, this SfGN edition is a roundup of recent developments and interesting content.

I'm glad I'm not running SEO at Mail Online, though:


Forgot to share this last week: here's some images from my time in Hamburg — my first trip overseas since the pandemic begain…


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And Finally…

Now, this is how you write an announcement that your print newspaper now has a page-turner digital edition:

A newspaper – without the ink | From the editor
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