Le Web 3: Is there a Web 2.0 bubble?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Here comes the VCs…

Is there a web bubble? It seems not, but there are some issues to be resolved. For example, is the available talent split amongst too many small start-ups? Would some mergers pull more talent together?

The lack of a market bubble may be attributable to Sarbanes-Oxley, legislation which makes IPOs harder.

Micro-bubbles might be a more likely risk, where particular markets in particular geographic regions could well happen, as multiple people go after a concept. So, you have star-ups in London, Paris and Frankfurt all competing for the same video sharing market, for example.

Opportunities? Recommendation engines sitting on top of Amazon, eBay and the like. eCommerce is really hitting the mainstream. Search is getting worse by the day, says David Hornik of August Capital because all companies have to game search. Search may start to look different. (Zibb?)

We may just be at the start of the video industry, despite the number of start-ups.

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