Le Web 3: LinkedIn to the Future?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Reid Hoffman
Reid Hoffman, one of the founders of LinkedIn, is giving a rambling vision of the future, so I’m going to match it with a rambling summary of what he’s saying.

What does everyone being a publisher mean? Everyone will have some sort of professional profile online, which will have both social and commercial benefits. MySpace worked because it created a place where you could play cool to your classmates. On the other hand, there’s places where a real community matters, like Facebook and Vox. (I’m on Vox!) The filtering of real information becomes more and more important on these virtual representations of physical net.

Ubiquity of usage will start to have an impact: more PR and brand blogging, more wikis. As you get ubiquity, the problem of getting enough people in to make it useful is solved.

And interoperetability between systems will become more and more important.

There’s a need for separation between your social and business online presence. Do you want people to find the pics of you dancing on tabletops? (Yes, if you’re a table dancer…)

And now we’ve moved into the LinkedIn plug. Time to upload some pics.

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