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Le Web 3 '07: Jason Calacanis on Spam Pollution

Google is starting to smack down spam, but it’s still an issue – affiliate links. 
Calacanis had some suggestions for the attendees about how to manage this:
- Build curation into your service. - Police your service - Reduce anonymity without reducing freedom - Punish bad people
Users have to “own your words”. The movement is away from fake people: MySpace had loads, Facebook had less, LinkedIn has none.
He also gave us a quick demo of [Mahalo’s new social element](http://greenhouse.mahalo.com/Special:FollowDownload). It’s already a human-powered search engine – ie real people rather than algorithms are behind the results. The new element appears to bring link sharing/recommending to social groups. It could be more than that – I’ll play with it later to see.
What’s the benefit to new companies of following his suggestions? “Nobody wants to buy real estate in a town filled with toxic waste,” Calacanis replied. “There’s a small amount of pain to go green.”
The best quote of all? “As internet people, we shouldn’t bother with people who don’t understand the internet, because they’ll be dead soon.”