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Micro-Celebrities: Selling Your City With Linda Barker

Linda BarkerMy friend and colleague Stacey has been at MIPIM, the big commercial property show held annually in the south of France. It’s a big money do, and some exhibitors there spend some serious money to bring along celebrities. And other PR people think it’s a good idea to hire Linda Barker

> There was no english breakfast served on a spoon this year instead down-on-its-luck Bradford rolled out Linda Barker of crap furniture ad and TV makeover fame to promote the city. God knows who thought that was an effective use of however much money she cost. > I did make a bit of a tit of myself by only recognising her enough to think she must be a PR I’d met last year. “Oh I thought I recognised your face” is probably not the best line to use when introduced to a ‘celebrity’.

Money well spent by Bradford’s PRs, then.

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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