Opening Keynote: Suraj Kika on Twitter

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Opening keynote is by Suraj Kika of Jadu.

He’s compared the massive growth of Twitter (1600% in 2009) with the wholesale shift of people’s attention away from mass media to personalised media.
It’s been a very example-based presentation so far. He cited [#amazonfail]( as an example of engagement gone wrong – complete silence from the Amazone twitter account throughout. 
The company designed offices based on a blog post by [Joel Spolsky](, and went on to use his FogBugz software – from follower to customer in less than a year. They interact with many of their suppliers through Twitter. 
They have their own Twitter account – [@jaducms](
Short version of their approach:
- Turn your customers into your evangelists on Twitter - Put real content out there, don’t just market - Engage with people
Oh, and it’s a great way to learn about the rest of the social stuff that’s happening on the internet.
ROI? Already got two strong leads. People are tweeting, so if you don’t get to them, your competitors would. People talk about our products on there. Need to be aware of that. If you add it to your marketing mix, you can benefit.
Google Wave[ pushes Twitter five years ahead – real time conversation and collaboration in ]( browser.
Corporate Twitter versus personal? He has three – a locked personal one, a professional one [@surajkika]( and the corporate one – @jaducms – to which all the company can post. They manage this through the Jadu CMS which provides a workflow and trail. 
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