News Shopper, Homophobia & Criticism

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

I’ve been following Darryl of 853’s blogging for years now under his various guises, and once in a while, he comes out with some absolute corkers. This has been one of those weeks.

Yesterday he posted a great dissection of the, uh, [questionable choice that the News Shopper, the south east London paper, made for its letter of the week](
> Yes, that’ll be the one that calls gays “perverted”. That’s worth a prize, isn’t it? I wonder what Webster’s Pen Shop thinks about its products being used to reward such an unpleasant little rant? > > It’s someone else’s opinion, but it’s the News Shopper’s choice to reward that opinion with a prize.
But what makes this even more entertaining is the response of whomever is behind the @newsshopper Twitter account, [as detailed in his latest post](
@[darryl1974]( You are so way off with so many of the things in your blog entry, particularly regarding our website, it’s impossible to begin.[less than a minute ago]( "Fri Aug 27 10:08:03 +0000 2010") via web
Hint: that’s not the way to handle criticism.  
**Update**: I think [this post hits the nail on the head]( about what journos on the News Shopper probably think is going on – and why they’re wrong. Stirring up controversy like this is *not *good journalism. 
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