Google+ circles Flipboard - and other news
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Google+ circles Flipboard - and other news

Bradley Horowitz tells LeWeb London about where Google+ is going next…
Google+ circles Flipboard - and other news

Bradley Horowitz, Vice President, Product Management at Google is here to talk about Google+. Not very revealing, but some points emerged,

  • Growth is good, but they didn’t give details
  • They haven’t reached the inflection point yet – but that takes years with social networks, he suggests
  • APIs are coming… But they’re very cautious about pushing too much into Google+ and diminishing the experience.
  • Flipboard is a new partner, allowing you to access Google+ in Flipboard.
  • They’re very happy with hangouts. They LOVE hangouts. They keep talking about them…
  • Kraft have been active on Google+ through the Cadbury’s brand. They’re one of the biggest conumser brands on there with 1.6m people putting Cadbury’s in circles. They’ve passed Barak Obama.

Neville Hobson is on stage in a Google+ hangout – he asks about Google+ and its potential use in enterprise. Horowitz thinks the enterprise use case is a fantastic opportunity for Google+ – a perfect complement for Google+ “the virtual water cooler, to Hangouts for small team collaboration”. People are using it this way already, but it’s too hard right now. They’re focusing on it.


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