Five insights for Friday

It’s time to re-evaluate LinkedIn, Google is about to transform itself with AI and why has the NYT suddenly got so self-obsessed?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

It's Friday afternoon — at least at time of writing and in my part of the world. But it will be Friday afternoon for some of you, and may even be Friday evening for others. And all of them are great times to kick back with a nice cup of something warm and refreshing, and read some work-related articles. Go on, you know investing in your own knowledge of the shifting face of online publishing is worth some time, don't you? That's why you're subscribed to this newsletter…

Here's five things to read to round off your working week in insightful style.

Time to reconsider LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the oldest of the major social networks, dating back 20 years, as it does. It's no wonder people have written it off — and repeatedly so. And yet, they've been making lots of smart changes over there and, as this piece from David Tvrdon explains, it might be a great place to invest more time as Twitter grows even more shaky.

How LinkedIn became the next best option for journalists and media leaders after Musk took over Twitter - The Fix
Have you also noticed an uptick in your LinkedIn usage? Media leaders in 53 countries view it as the next best choice after Twitter, far ahead of Mastodon or Post.

Change is coming to Google

The search behemoth is taking the rise of generative AI and ChatGPT very seriously indeed. The founders are back at the company, and at least one of them is actively involving himself in code reviews again. Google Search is about to go through one of its periodic wholesale transformations, when a lot of existing SEO wisdom becomes rapidly obsolete.

And it could be sooner than you expect…

Expect Google’s answer to ChatGPT in a few weeks: “We’ve been preparing for this moment since early last year” | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
“AI is the most profound technology we are working on today … We are just at the beginning of our AI journey, and the best is yet to come.” OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT, recently announced the launch of the paid version of its viral Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot—ChatGPT Plus. Within hours,…

Should we follow Gen Z to the platforms?

A useful round-up from Colin at Flashes & Flames of The News Movement's acquistion of failing US video site The Recount. I remain sceptical that trying to exist primarily in a platform native way is a viable long-term strategy; it leaves you too exposed to the whims of the platform owners. But, that said, elements of their strategy make perfect sense.

Gen Z News Movement steps up - Flashes & Flames
The News Movement (TNM), the London-based social media-news start-up launched in 2021 by former Dow Jones CEO Will…

AI-derived podcast searching

Now this is super-interesting. David Smith is using an AI-based tool to create transcripts of podcasts. Now, those transcripts aren't good enough for reading, without significant editing at least. But they are more than good enough to work as a keyword search engine for those podcasts.

And the best bit? The software is light enough that you can run it on your own Mac, if you have the technical skills. This idea bears developing.  

PodSearch Reborn - David Smith, Independent iOS Developer

The NYT loves reporting on the NYT

In my bleaker moments, I remember what one of the most talented editors I worked for once said about Press Gazette: “it's rubbish, because no journalist worth their salt wants to write about other journalists". And here I am writing a newsletter about online publishing, on a site I've been running for nearly 20 years…

That said, Mark was talking in a different age, when the digital revolution had yet to get underway, and the business of news was a much more stable, predictable and profitable game. Today's Press Gazette is a very different beast. It asks hard questions of journalists and publishers. And it doesn't do the sort of self-congratulatory incestuous reporting on itself the New York Times seems to have fallen into…

Opinion | The New York Times’ Obsession with Itself
The newspaper promises — and fails — to take readers behind the scenes.

This “slightly more quickly assembled than normal” post brought to you by the train strike, which deprived me of the hour on the train I have most Fridays to prepare it…

Sign of the times

Have a good weekend!

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