The Times opens up (a little)
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The Times opens up (a little)

Talking of RSS, I note than some more changes have hit everyone’s favourite paywalled enterprise, The Times online.

First up, the blogs now have a free-to-air front page, and the main page is also available to view. Here’s Ruth Gledhill’s Articles of Faith, for example.

You’ll still need to cough up to see the full posts, though. And the blogs now have RSS feeds, too (again, here’s Ruth’s, by way of example). They’re not full text feeds, indeed, sometimes they’re not even the whole of the first sentence, but it’s another step towards a more conventional approach to blogging. I wonder if login-protected full text is next for subscribers? It’s certainly technically possible.

As I’ve said before, I don’t agree with a lot of what The Times is doing, but I do admire their willingness to iterate and experiment with the paywall.


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