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The power of a single blog

Interesting graph from Andrew Sullivan as part of a post on journalism 2.0:

[![The Daily Dish Moves](](
The sudden divergence of traffic at the end marks the point Sullivan’s blog, [The Dish]( "The Dish") moved from [The Atlantic]( to The [Daily Beast]( "The Daily Beast"). 
But it’s worth noting that, according to Quantcast, the Beast’s traffic in terms of page views is now 39 million a month, compared with the Atlantic’s 15 million. The month before the Dish moved, it was 27 million pageviews for the Beast vs 21 million for the Atlantic. The gap in pageviews between the two sites has gone in one month from 6 million to 24 million. Since ads are sold on pageviews, that has got to mean something long-term. Quite what I don’t really know.

I’m sure you can come up with one or two suggestions…

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