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Afternoon Coffee Reading: 13/12/11

Do stupid things fasterSome delicious, cream-filled linky goodness to while away the rest of the afternoon:

- [Driving by looking in the rear view mirror]( – an interesting cautionary note from Neil, looking at how predicting the death of things or viewing the future with too much reference to the past can skew your views. I remember the days when I though that RSS would allow us to build and have printed our own “newspapers”…  - [More thoughts on magazines and publishing on the iPad]( – I like the pragmatic approach on display here. And I really don’t like straight PDF replicas.  - [Designing apps for tablets: consider the time of day]( – interesting figures. I think too few people are considering how and when people will use their apps right now. We’re too used to the one-setting (at the keyboard) paradigm of the web… - [Publish or perish McKinsey tells retail brands]( – I find the rise of brand content at the same time that traditional journalism content is on the decline to be one of the most compelling feature of the attention wars right now. For all that it’s a tough time to be a journalist, content is clearly still in demand… - [SoLoMo in the fast lane]( – I thought that the “local” element of Le Web’s social-local-mobile theme was the least in evidence. Here’s an argument that I’m wrong. 
Mmm. Links and coffee… 😉

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